The diamond pegasus is an ultra rare monster that can be bred by many combonations.Such as palmwing and fire fox. But thats just something I heard. So anyway,just look it up on youtube on how to breed this rare monster. And with whatever comes up, just keep trying till you get one.

Possible hybrids you can breed with the diamond pegasus are the ruby manticore: fire fox and diamond pegasus, and sapphire kraken: blue blob and diamond pegasus.To breed it,you need four colours such as mosstrich(green yellow)and hermit cat(red white)If it is 2 daus and 44 gold,HURRAY!

Now, you know what I think, for more diamond hybrids they should have a emerald triceratops: tree rex and diamond pegasus, sulferwing: dream bird and diamond pegasus,pearl newt: shell lizard and diamond pegasus. Anyways, these are my thoughts for any new diamond hybrids. I just thought it was weird that there are only TWO hybrids for the diamond pegasus.

Thank you

Sincerely, your monster story friend,

Gavin :)