The blue blob is  the first monster you get in the game, so you cant really breed it. So, the breeding combonations, fire and blue,furball or sea buffalo. Shell and blue, tonguetoad or king clam. Tree and blue, ecogoo or medusasaur. And dream and blue, wave wing and sadly, I forgot the other one.

Sincerely,your monster story friend

Gavin :)


90 coins/hour


VERY Common


Baby: Blue Blobs are right at home on tropical islands. The humid air, beaches, and the relative lack of upright walkers ensures they won't evaporate, or get stepped in/on. Blue Blobs are fun-loving monsters, though children find them frightening.



Epic: Epic Blue Blobs flow through life, unchanged and unharmed by their surroundings. Some say they have no sense of time and live entirely in the moment; reacting, not adapting, to whatever they encounter.


Blue Marsh or Big Blue Marsh

Breeding WithEdit

Tree Rex:Ecogoo

Fire Fox:Sea Buffalo

Shell Lizard:

Dream Bird:Palmwing

Diamond Pegasus: None

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